You're Not Ready to Have Sex If:

10/21/2013 09:56:00 AM

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  1. You think sex = Love
  2. You feel pressured
  3. You're afraid to say no
  4. It's just easier to give in
  5. You think everyone is doing it (they're not)
  6. Your instincts tell you not to
  7. You don't know the facts about pregnancy
  8. You don't understand how birth control works
  9. You don't think a woman can get pregnant the first time  (she can!)
  10.  It goes against your moral beliefs
  11. It goes against your religious beliefs
  12. You'll regret it in the morning
  13. You feel embarrassed and ashamed
  14. You're doing it to prove something
  15. You cant support a child
  16. You cant support yourself
  17. Your idea of commitment is a 3-day video rental
  18. You believe sex before marriage is wrong
  19. You don't know how to protect yourself from HIV - the virus that causes AIDS
  20. You don't know the signs and symptoms of sexually transmitted infections (STIs or STDs)
  21. You think it will make your partner love you
  22. You think it will make you love your partner
  23. You think it will keep you together
  24. You hope it will change your life
  25. You don't want it to change your life
  26. You're not ready for the relationship to change
  27. You're drunk
  28. You wish you were drunk
  29. Your partner is drunk
  30. You expect it to be perfect
  31. You'll die if it's not perfect
  32. You can't laugh together about awkward elbows and clumsy clothes
  33. You're not ready to take of your clothes
  34. You think HIV and AIDS only happen to other people
  35. You think you can tell who has HIV just by looking at them
  36. You don't think kids get HIV (they do!)
  37. You don't know that abstinence is the only 100% protection against sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy
  38. You haven't talked about tomorrow
  39. You cant face the thought of tomorrow
  40. You'd be horrified if your parents find out
  41. You're doing it just so your parents find out
  42. You're too scared to think clearly
  43. You think it will make you more popular
  44. You think you owe it to your partner
  45. You think it's not OK to be a virgin
  46. You're only thinking about yourself
  47. You're not thinking about yourself
  48. You can't wait to tell everyone about it
  49. You hope no one will hear about it
  50. You wish the whole think never came up
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Excerpted from You're Not Ready to Have Sex If...
Copyright 1996 Journeyworks Publishing, Sta. Cruz, CA

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