A New Kind of Dog Event

11/20/2015 01:43:00 AM

Do you share a special bond with your dog? Are you looking for an event that suits you and your pet? Come out and join the first ever human and dog outdoor challenge - the 2nd Team Kovu Dog Sport Cup!

Whether you are a dog sport fanatic or just a regular dog owner, the organizer promises to have a level playing field for all its participants. This memorable experience will only cost you 450 PHP (registration fee). You won't only enjoy this activity but at the same time you're also helping the Island Rescue Organization (IRO) - a non-profit animal welfare group based in Cebu, the official event beneficiary.

Video Teaser 1

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Majority of the obstacles are made from bamboo and were based on real-life obstacles Team Kovu faced on their outdoor adventures. No dog training experience is required to overcome the obstacles and win the challenge. It is safe for everyone, even kids! 

Here are some of the courses to complete:

  • Children below 13 years old will need parents or guardian
  • Participating dog should be at least 6 months old
  • Any dog breed (regardless of size) can join, as long as it is not aggressive
  • Participating dog must have updated vaccine
Complete all 8 obstacles plus the bonus challenge and win this crystal trophy! Look at that beauty! Seriously, this will look good together with my other trophies.

Not feeling competitive and just want to have a relaxing time? Why not try the Beginner's Fun Challenge? For only 150 PHP,  jump start your canine relationship with Crystal Wakeman of Dog's World Training. Learn and have fun with your dogs!

  • Participating dog should be at least 6 months old
  • Any dog breed (regardless of size) can join, as long as it is not aggressive
  • Participating dog must have updated vaccine
This one of a kind dog sporting event is set to commence on November 28, 2015 at the Greenfield City Sports Field, Paseo Center, Sta. Rosa Laguna from 8am to 7pm. For more details, visit their website HERE.


Learning the Starbucks Way: Ready to Order?

11/02/2015 02:53:00 AM

Nervous about ordering? Don’t be! There’s no “right” way to order at Starbucks. Just tell the barista what you want and they will do it. If you missed the first four posts on this series, click HERE for part 1 and start learning about basic Starbucks terminologies.

A barista may call your drink back in a different way, but that doesn't mean they are correcting you. That's actually the translation of your order into “barista-speak” – the standard way orders are called out. This language gives them the info they need in the order they need it, so they can make your drink as quickly and efficiently as possible. “Barista-speak” is easy to learn. It’s all about the order of information:

Cup: This is the kind of cup to use. If this is not specified, they will put it in a "to-go" cup. But you can also ask for a "for here" cup, iced cup or personal cup.

Shots and size: Want extra espresso on your coffee? Here’s something worth knowing: 

Short (8 fl oz) and Tall (12 fl oz)  comes with one shot
Grande (16fl oz) and Venti (20 fl oz)  comes with two shots drinks

Adding a shot to a tall drink, means you’re getting a double tall. While adding a shot to a grande means you're getting a triple grande. Click HERE to read part 2 - all about Espresso.

Syrup: This is the most popular way to customize. Starbucks has many different syrup flavors to sweeten or spice up a drink.
Milk: Want something else aside from whole milk? This is the part where you tell them your choice.

Part 3 of this series discusses Syrup and Milk. Click HERE to read about it.

Other options: Lattes can be ordered "extra hot" while a Frappuccino® can be taken Affogato style. Click HERE for part 4 if you want to know the other choices you have.
The drink itself: Don’t forget the most important part! Are you having a Latte, a Mocha, or something else?

Here's a sample:
Cup: N/A
Shots: Decaf
Size: Grande
Syrup: N/A
Milk: Non-Fat
Other options: Extra-hot
Drink: Caramel Macchiato
How to say it: "I'll have a decaf, grande, non-fat, extra-hot, Caramel Macchiato."

Easy right?!? Don't worry if you get it all mixed up on your first attempt to order in "barista-speak!" Trust me, it just takes a little bit of getting used to. Now you’re ready to begin your search for a perfect, personalized Starbucks drink!

Did this series help you? Have you already found your favorite? Comment and let me know!

Source: "Find Your Favorite - A guide to Starbucks® drinks" booklet 2005
Note: List may be different per country.