What's new in Blackberry OS 10.2.1

1/30/2014 06:02:00 AM

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2014 has been good so far, especially yesterday!

Upon receiving an "Android Runtime" update in my Blackberry Q10, I knew instantly that something major was about to happen. True enough, Globe Philippines released version 10.2.1 for all Blackberry 10 (Z10, Q10, Z30, Q5) users last January 28,2014. This OS upgrade is packed with new features, including support for the direct installation of Android apps (.apk files) directly onto the device.

To my fellow Blackberry 10 users: Yes! that means no more "side-loading" android apps. Forget the hassle of downloading the APK file and converting it to a BAR file before "side-loading" - everything is now easy as point-click-download!

To the general majority: Yes, you read it right - Blackberry 10 is able to support Android apps, regardless if it's not a native app and is not available in our native store. Take that!

Check out the list below for Crackberry's current list of what's new in BlackBerry 10.2.1:
  • Remote search of emails older than 60 days
  • Bluetooth Sharing through Android Runtime
  • Video Call has the new call screen
  • FM Radio (Only Q10, Q5, Z30.. Z10 does not support this)
  • Wi-Fi Direct
  • Miracast
  • Share Screen
  • Direct Install of APK Files on device through File Manager or Browser
  • Media Volume displays at top of screen
  • New incoming call screen
  • Update to Device Monitor app
  • Update to Data Monitor app
  • Clock App includes Accuweather information
  • Flashlight app added (can be accessed from Quick Settings) [Yay! Deleting standalone flashlight app now...]
  • Ability to arrange accounts in the Hub
  • Pinch gesture in the Hub for quick access to specified messages
  • Changes to battery icon
  • Changes to charging icon
  • Battery shows percentage in peek view
  • Updates to native weather app
  • New Quick Settings functionality for dropdown menu
  • Updates to Media Player
  • Added Picture Password
  • Speed Dial from homescreen (Q10)
  • Added Contact Groups
  • Custom contact profiles for email, SMS, BBM and phone calls
  • Delete options from Hub (device and/or server)
  • Face detection toggle in Camera
  • Airplane-Mode automatically turned on in Bedside Mode
  • Lockscreen previews open directly to application
  • New native wallpapers added
  • Next email toggle inside email messages
  • Updated Twitter app
  • BBM adds vibrate on ping and new emoticons
  • White balance adjuster in display settings
  • IBM notes traveler in accounts settings
  • Wolfram Alpha commands
  • Dropdown Menu now includes:
    •  Flashlight App Button (new app to 10.2.1.xxxx)
    • Brightness Adjustment
    • Location Toggle Switch
    • Device Monitor App Button (new app to 10.2.1.xxxx)
    • Tethering Toggle Switch
    • Hotspot Toggle Switch
    • NFC Toggle Switch
    • Flight mode Toggle Switch (airplane mode)

Haven't updated your device yet? Then what are you waiting for?!? Be warned though. Make sure you have enough space prior to updating your OS. Read about this precaution here.
Click here to find out how to install and Android app (APK) to a Blackberry 10 Device.

First Impression

Product Review: Starbucks 2014 Planner + Giveaway!

1/08/2014 09:51:00 AM

I've been using Starbucks' planners since the company started producing one. Some only see them as crazy-expensive notebooks and would opt for the more affordable counterparts in bookstores. This item became such a fad that every single year I hear people saying a single planner would cost around Php3000 (almost $70) worth of coffee/drinks with hopes of discouraging me. They miserably fail every time.

To Starbucks Planner detractors: I love coffee. I always drink coffee. I always get it in Venti. The planner is just a bonus. It's not a fad... Well at least for me.

I think Starbucks SG has the same yearly promotion. Does your country have one too? Show me pictures of your country's Starbucks Planners!


I don't often go to Starbucks anymore like I used to, so it took me almost 3 weeks (from Day 1 of this promotion) to complete the number of stickers needed to redeem a 2014 planner.


Have you also been using Starbucks planners for a long time? Do you remember the years where the planners did not come in a box?

I always look forward to unboxing a Starbucks planner more than unwrapping Christmas presents I received.

I loved all 4 colors of the 2014 planners. Coming up with a decision was definitely a struggle. I chose yellow (item appears a little bit orange on the picture) after reading about 2014 lucky colors for people born in the year of the OX.

Amazing design in front.



The brass detail in the magnetic flap is definitely a plus.

Compared to last year's bare flap.

One of the two things I didn't like in this planner. Ribbon bookmarks do not work for me. Good effort though on the brass detail.

Loved this magnetic bookmark more. Thinking of using it on this year's.

Upon seeing this I said to myself "Stickerrrrrs?!? Stiiiiiccccckkkkkeeerrrssss?!?" Maybe they forgot most of the people who use these planners are adults.

Found 4 usable gift cards out of the 14 provided. Planners produced before 2010 had more usable ones, to me at least.

Follow Starbucks PH on their social media accounts!

The second thing I didn't favor: no lines! Though the pages look cleaner...

I wish they still had extra sheets at the back for other notes, not to mention the space for such in every page significantly decreased.

Big difference.

I don't need another pen, but what the heck! Still bought this beauty with a Php100 discount during planner redemption.


Last year's pen case is better in quality and design.


Haven't used the 2 extra ink refills from the 2013 pen (I also use a Parker and a Pilot GTEC .04 to write) and now I have a new one - wondering when will I be able to use the white one I just purchased...

And now for the giveaway!

Since I cannot find a use for the 2014 White Starbucks Pen, I am giving it to one lucky reader! This contest is open to residents of the Philippines only.

Here are the mechanics to join:

1. "Like" my Facebook Fan Page here - this fan page will show all blog updates and it also contains my HMUA Portfolio
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9. Contest is open until the end of January.

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