My Office Pet Peeves

8/13/2014 11:27:00 AM

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This is a short list of things that annoy me at work.  Do you have office pet peeves too? Let’s see if we have the same on our list!

10. Liquid Hand Soap Supply

What are the chances that the dispensers are empty... Wait for it...  All at the same time!!! Not to mention ALL the time. Consider the fact that there is regular restroom maintenance.

09. “Clean as you go” Policy

I can’t take it when some of my colleagues couldn’t even wipe their spilled drinks in the pantry. And oh, leaving used paper/plastic cups?!? They must be paying the maintenance crew to clean up after them. I guess some bad Filipino habits die hard.

08. Garbage Disposal

Why on earth would you leave your paper cups in the bushes when a large trash bin is just a few steps away? And then you hear the same people complain of cleanliness and flooding in the metro? Come on.

Oh mind you, these bushes were already cleaned a few minutes before I took these pictures. And within 5 minutes you see trash again.

07. Loitering

So you saw a friend or a former teammate and decided to catch up with him. Why not? But does it take rocket science to figure out the hallway or front door is not the right venue for chit chat? I don’t care if you haven’t seen each other since the dawn of Dinosaurs, I just want to get to where I am supposed to be, especially when I’m in a hurry. Minsan gusto kong sumigaw ng “tabbbbeeeeeeeee!!!” (sometimes I just want to scream “get out of my way!!!”)

06. Dress Code Adherence

Sneakers/sandals on a business day... Sleeveless tops... Uber short skirts... Party dresses... The list is endless! And to think some of the violators are officers. I could only sigh in disbelief.

05. Elevator Operation

I can’t take the sight of girls screaming when the elevator door suddenly closes. What’s worse is I get this weird stare afterwards. As if I’m responsible for holding the door open for them?!? I’m not a freaking elevator operator for crying out loud! Or maybe even hear them saying “nakakatakot biglang sumara, baka maipit ako!” Your highness, the elevator is a machine that has a door timer. Maybe you should go take the fire exit, at least that’s comparable to your castle’s grand staircase. We all have hands to push the lever that forces the door to open. Enough said.

04. Elevator Decorum

Laziness is the primary reason for avoiding the stairs when going one floor up or down. Unless you’re physically not capable of doing so which of course is totally understandable. Wearing 6-inch stilettos? I can dance in them and I’m biologically male, so don’t give me that b***s***. And the men who chose to do this too? My goodness! I’m gay and I take the stairs. Man up bro, don’t be so f*****g lazy.

Oh, and storming inside the elevator when clearly there are people stepping out?!?

03. Used Tissue/Sanitary Napkin Disposal

This particular one irks me. I can’t comprehend why used tissue and sanitary napkins are thrown in the bowl and not in the trash bin. These things clog pipes that render the toilet unusable. Imagine the horror of walking into a cubicle with a toilet bowl filled with soiled water, and maybe an added bonus. What a disgusting surprise!

02. Flushing the Toilet

Why does flushing the toilet seem to be such a task for some? I can’t find any logical reason behind it. It is indeed, mind-boggling. Germophobe? Yes, some people are. But that isn’t enough excuse. Heck it’s not even an excuse at all!!! Use a freaking tissue to push the flush lever down. Maybe even use your knees or foot. It doesn’t really matter how you do it, just do it for the sake of the next person who will use the toilet! My sentiments are the same for not wiping the mess left afterwards.

01. Pay day Madness

I don't understand why people blame the bank when they can't withdraw anything because of system maintenance. Budgeting is key to get by until the next payday, so much so that one could survive the whole shift without lining up at the ATM with other frantic employees. Also, early morning salary crediting is just a privilege. As long as funds are deposited on payday itself, there's no law broken - that means a bank could release wages at any given time of the day. I don't care if you're making ends meet, I have money problems too. But If you constantly find yourself blaming the bank, maybe it's time to revisit how to properly handle your finances.

What are your office pet peeves? I’d love to hear yours. Comment and share!

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