Learning the Starbucks Way: Syrup and Milk

9/07/2015 02:26:00 PM

This is part 3 of this blog series and we are half-way thru finding your favorite Starbucks drink! Are you excited? If you're reading this for the first time, you can click HERE to discover Starbucks' basic terminologies and click HERE to learn about Espresso choices.

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Add flavor to your favorite. If you like your coffee to be sweet, try a syrup flavor in your drink for a small extra charge. Here are the syrup choices:

Vanilla: The most popular syrup, the fragrant vanilla bean was made for coffee.
Caramel: Deliciously rich when combined with espresso.
Almond: So sweet, toasty and tasty.
Hazelnut: Adds a smooth, nutty taste to your drink.
Simple: A light delicate sweetener.
Raspberry: The perfect accompaniment to a caffe mocha or a hot chocolate.
Valencia: A dash of citrus to spice up any drink.
Irish cream: Great for an Espresso Frappuccino blended beverage.
Sugar-Free Vanilla: The guilt-free alternative to Starbucks' most popular syrup.

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Milk is where you can be most expressive. Lowfat, nonfat, steamed, foamed, wet, or dry – there are so many, delicious, creative ways to take milk in your drink. Here are the milk choices:

Whole: Whole milk is the Starbucks "regular” unless patrons tell them otherwise.
Nonfat (skim) milk: Cutting fat? Request this slimmer alternative.
2% (or lowfat) milk: This option is halfway between whole and nonfat.
Soymilk: Can't or don't drink milk but still want to enjoy a Latte or Caramel Macchiato.?Just ask the barista to substitute soymilk for a small extra charge.

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Source: "Find Your Favorite - A guide to Starbucks® drinks" booklet 2005
Note: List may be different per country.

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