Discrimination: Inside the LGBT Community

4/07/2013 05:53:00 AM

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 Modern society as we know it have already adapted and embraced gay culture for a number of years, reason for us to see successful gay men and women dominating their industries of choice without having to hide “inside the closet.” Some parts of the world respect their LGBT citizens so much that laws were passed in order to create a better place to live in for their “pink” residents. Numerous businesses have blossomed and prospered after tapping into the buying power of “pink money” and the skills of their “pink employees.” But despite this progress, many are still fighting for equality.

It is somehow baffling that LGBT members come to blows for equal opportunity when in fact discrimination doesn’t only happen outside the community but also within. Thinking about it, I believe there is more bias and prejudice in the group itself: masculine gay men dissing femmes… Femmes rolling their eyes upon sight of other femmes… Femmes mocking discreet members through gestures that “out” them prematurely… Not to mention the piercing stare and the head-to-toe scrutiny! (I can actually go on and on but it would take too much space)

This may not be happening everywhere, but I doubt that it didn’t occur at some point. It happens at school, at work, at the mall, even in the streets. Truth be told, I myself am guilty of this crime. Yes, I am proud to be gay. I am proud that I have the guts to be FEMME. But I am not proud whenever I display arrogance towards my fellow gay men/women. Arrogance (defined as the overbearing pride evidenced by a superior manner toward inferiors) to my belief, is the easiest and most common way to discriminate.

How can we fix the world if we couldn’t even patch up our own community we are dying to fight for? Shouldn’t we be addressing problems within the “rainbow connection” first? You tell me.

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