I'm Back!

2/20/2014 12:31:00 PM

Image courtesy of http://beautzy.com/back-to-blogging/

Ok, so I was in blogging hiatus for a few weeks. My laptop's keyboard  and USB drives finally gave up on me after 3 years and I took my unit in for maintenance. I tried creating my last entry via a tablet but it wasn't a very good experience. Virtual keyboards are really not my thing.

I ended up getting a new laptop even though my other one was working just fine (don't ask why) except for the things I complained about. It's running windows 8.1, and I'm still adjusting to this new OS version. I'm a little OC so it's taking forever to re-arrange my files, install windows apps and desktop apps. And for some reason Blackberry Link is crashing and will not finish installation. If anyone out there in the cyber world could help me figure this out, I would appreciate it!

Hopefully, I'd be done by the end of the week and will be back to writing next week!

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