Learning the Starbucks Way: Other Choices

10/20/2015 09:28:00 AM

We are almost there! Just a hop and a skip away from finally finding your very own Starbucks favorite! If you missed the first three articles on this series, you can check them out here:

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Aside from milk, syrup and espresso, there are many other ways to put final touches on a Starbucks coffee, placing your personal stamp on a drink.

Dry (or foamy): A dry Cappuccino is foamy but with little steamed milk. The espresso shoots through the foam and intensifies flavor.
Wet (or flat): A wet Cappuccino has more milk than foam. The result is a milky espresso taste, more like that of a Latte.
Whipped cream (or not): Add a touch of cloud to your coffee heaven for a little fun! Or, if your drink usually comes with whipped cream, you have the option to hold it off.
Light: Anytime you want less of something, say "light" - light whip, light syrup, light foam, light ice – you name it.
Sugar substitute: Your Starbucks barista will be happy to add sweeteners if you desire.
Extra hot: Milk is steamed to around 160⁰F (70⁰C), but if you want it a bit hotter than that, let them know!

Not a fan of hot coffee? Frappuccino® blended beverages have a number of options just as regular Lattes do.

Frappuccino® Light: It’s the same as regular Frappuccino® but with 60% less fat and 40% less calories.
Add syrup: Create your own treat! For example, hazelnut syrup in a Mocha Frappuccino® blended coffee makes a delicious nut-chocolate combination.
Affogato style: Try a Frappuccino® blended beverage with mocha or caramel drizzle and a shot of espresso on top. It gives the drink a more pronounced coffee flavor – and makes it fun to watch as the espresso drifts down.
Add Coffee Jelly: Compliment your favorite drink with yummy pieces of Coffee Jelly.
Blended whip (blogger added): Love whipped cream but don't like it sitting on top? Then have it mixed! When you don't see it, the lesser your guilt. *wink* *wink*
Twice blended (blogger added): Say goodbye to the ice bits. Ask the barista to blend your drink twice for a smoother Frappuccino®.

Now you're ready to order! Learn the "barista-speak" HERE.

Source: "Find Your Favorite - A guide to Starbucks® drinks" booklet 2005
Note: List may be different per country.

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