Dining Experience: Cuore Bistro & Social Lounge

8/15/2016 04:42:00 AM

Cuore Bistro and Social Lounge was kind enough to host the second meeting of team PSST last August 6. It is the first restaurant venture of the Col Cuore Corporation. They serve happy-hearty comfort food influenced by international cuisines, travels and the founders’ personal favorites. They serves salads, pastas, calzones and brick-oven pizzas. A full bar completes the dining destination.

CUORE is Italian for “HEART” and COL CUORE is an Italian phrase that means “WITH THE HEART”. Heart is the center of everything at Cuore. It’s the love of life, love of career, love for meaningful relationships and memorable moments that are the driving forces behind Cuore, its founders and its staff. They do everything at Cuore “with the heart” and they like sharing this feeling to their guests.

The place is homey and personal. It is undoubtedly welcoming; perfect for intimate dinners, chill night outs, group dinners, or some alone time. The ambiance is industrial yet elegant, with cool color tones mainly blue and gray that gives the place a cozy and familiar vibe. The furniture is mostly wood which gives warmth to the space.

Sweet Stolen Kisses PHP340 Solo PHP495 Share

Salads are made with fresh salad greens and other ingredients. Dressings are homemade and infused with a variety of flavors.

You're Kind of Hot PHP365 Solo / PHP580 Share

Pasta choices vary from light to heavy. Oil-based and cream-based sauces are available. They offer classic favorites such as pesto, carbonara and aglio olio, as well as unique flavors that cater to the more adventurous palates - like the stroganoff pasta and chorizo pasta.

Chicken Garlic Pesto Dirty Calzone PHP365

Cuore’s take on the traditional Italian dish from Naples! Their calzones are made with the idea that it’s okay to get your hands dirty when enjoying a folded pizza loaded with stuffed goodness inside. Vegetarian option for this dish is available.

Deep Lover PHP210

Dolce Maria PHP280

They offer in-house dessert choices made with love. The cinnamon drizzled churros with salted caramel and ice cream is a must-try!

Skinny Dipping PHP175

Lemon Butter Chix and Chips PHP230

Food and drinks are priced competitively. You're not stepping out with just with a delighted tummy but also with your wallet happy. Like their Facebook page HERE and follow their Instagram account @cuoremnl.

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