Product Review: Casa Cellophane (Watsons Series)

6/26/2015 03:05:00 PM

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Do you use hot tools almost every single day? I do. Are you tired of wasting precious time and money on salon treatments that do not always work? I am. My goal this year: to find the most effective yet affordable at-home hair treatment product.

This is part 2 of my Watsons hair treatment product review series. Click here to read about part 1 (product reviewed: Hair Fix Intense Straight) or click the Watsons label located at the right hand side of the page.

This is about as close as I can get to dying. My stylist finds it puzzling that my hair can take so much heat and chemicals from hours of rebonding but can't bear permanent color application even for just a few minutes.

Priced a little over Php200 (if my memory serves me right), it includes a tube of the actual product, a pair of plastic gloves, and a plastic hair cap. I wish there more pairs of gloves - obviously I can't finish this whole tube in one treatment session, and I highly doubt anyone would.

Casa Cellophane claims to deliver temporary hair color and deep conditioning effects for extra shine and softness. It is ammonia and peroxide free which makes it safe for colored hair. Available in two shades, I purchased the lighter one which is ash brown.

The directions say: "After shampoo, towel off excess water. Apply the cream onto hair making sure the hair is fully covered with cream. Wrap the hair in warm moist towel or use a shower cap. Leave on for about 45 minutes. Rinse hair thoroughly with water. Style as desired." Could use a little bit of editing right?

The consistency is like that of our local conditioners, only pigmented. It felt awkward using the plastic gloves so I chose to apply the product with bare hands. Major regret afterwards!!! The stain is very hard to remove, even after using alcohol and washing several times so be warned.

Day of first treatment session. Shampoo was used. Minimal heat styling involved.

The result was impressive. My hair felt silkier and smoother. It did provide extra shine. Heat styling was easier after using this product compared to others. The ends didn't feel dry as well.

Second treatment session after one week. Shampoo was used. Minimal heat styling involved.

My hair felt relatively lighter after the second use. And it looked better too!

Two weeks after 2nd session. Minimal heat styling involved.

The product gave favorable results, but not as good as the second treatment session. It was as if this was the first time I've used it.

  • Easy to use
  • Smells good
  • Can be used several times depending on hair type and length
  • May produce promising results after weeks of continued use
  • Great for relaxed/rebonded hair
  • Can be very messy, best if applied by someone else
  • Hard to remove color stain from hands
  • Color is not as visible compared to cellophane done in a salon
  • Gives better results if used on a weekly basis (otherwise you're back to square one)
  • Price (a hair treatment session with better results at a local salon in my area starts at Php300)

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Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars
Note: Effects may vary depending on hair type, condition, length, and other external factors.

The cons offset the number of pros. Casa does very well in treating my dry hair but it lacks in the color department. I will repurchase only if I can commit a weekly session until the tube is emptied. If you're after the color enhancing traits of a cellophane aside from its treatment capabilities, a salon visit may be more beneficial.


Pasig City E-Trike

6/19/2015 01:47:00 PM

Sometime around early May, I was on my way home when I got to ride Pasig City's first ever E-Trike. It was a different kind of experience, being that I was used to smaller tricycles here in my area. And boy did I feel like a princess! Everyone was looking at me! Uhm... Actually they were looking at the vehicle.

This is my view from the inside. If my memory serves me right, it can reach speeds up to 30 or 40 km/hr, which is good as it will prevent drivers from over speeding. Have you seen a trike na humaharurot? More so have you ever ridden one with a driver from hell? I did and it was scary as f*#k.

Just look at that spacious leg room! This is probably the most comfortable trike ride I've ever had. Besides my seat which is big enough for 2 people, there's also another one (can fit 2 more) that folds up. It is partially visible in this picture.

Since it was only on it's third day of operation, the sticker that identifies the "TODA" was not yet available.

I think the tires are too small. There's definitely some kind of mechanical reason as to why they used such a size.

Virgilio Soriso, the very humble and friendly president of MERSANTODA gave me the scoop on this vehicle (besides willingly posing for a picture).
  • The vehicle charges for at least a day and can be used up to 8 hours.
  • Fare is the same.
  • The first batch of E-trikes (less than 10 units) were provided to presidents of selected TODAs. I didn't ask if it was given or if they had to pay for it.
  • Operators who are willing to switch to this unit will be accommodated by the local government from what I was told. Maybe they will be provided with financial assistance or reasonable terms to pay for it? I'm pretty sure the price tag isn't cheap.
I understand that some drivers may not find it appealing because of time restrictions since most of them go beyond 8 hours of operation just to provide for their families. But why not keep it as the primary means of transport then switch to the gas-powered ones afterwards? That's still 8 hours of not emitting harmful gases to the atmosphere. Imagine how the air around us will be different if there were a multitude of these.

I am also aware that demand for electricity will go up if more operators use them, and that could be a whole other issue. However it will surely address some of our current environmental concerns. That argument alone should be enough reason to promote this vehicle. Hopefully, we got to see more of them soon. 

Did you get a chance to experience riding an e-Jeep operating somewhere here in the Metro? Have you ever seen any similar vehicles around here? Comment and share your thoughts!


Tips and Tricks: Home Hair Treatment

6/08/2015 02:21:00 PM

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Summer is favored by a lot of Filipinos due to the countless activities that are available during this period. However it is equally dreaded because intense heat and high humidity in the country can wreak damage to our tresses. The general majority turn to salons for a quick fix. But why spend so much money when you can save more by doing the hair treatment yourself? I know the season is about to end but it is not an excuse. Your hair should always get some good old TLC. Here are my tips:

Make it a habit
I recommend setting at least an hour and a half every weekend for this task. If that doesn’t work a bi-monthly schedule would do. Point is, do it as often as possible. Frequency will not only produce better results, it also helps prevent future damage.

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Chemical or Natural?
Natural treatment methods such as coconut oil or the likes, most of the time, will not work with chemically treated locks (with the exception of Argan Oil). Chemical processes alter the composition of hair preventing it to fully absorb nutrients from natural substances. It will just sit on top and will get washed off easily.

Shampoo Tricks
Like animals adapting to their environment for survival, hair too, will get accustomed to any given merchandise that is frequently used. Switch it up on treatment day! By introducing a different shampoo, hair will react differently because the chemical formula is not something it is familiar with. Doing so will increase the possible benefits of hair treatment.

Leave the shampoo on for 5 to 10 minutes depending on hair type. The feeling will be extra dry after washing but the cuticles will open, allowing more of the product to be absorbed.

Treatment Dos
Strictly follow the recommended time frame. Leaving it on for an extended period doesn’t guarantee a better outcome, but it could actually cause more damage. Using a hair cap or hot towel may help, but do check if it is suggested. Bottom line is: read instructions carefully before using.

Water Talk
Use lukewarm water during shampoo to help open the hair cuticles. Use cold water when rinsing treatment product to seal it.

Next Day Routine
Try to avoid washing hair for at least 24 hours. As majority of treatment products will not show immediate effects, natural oils may increase the possibility of an enhanced turn out. However, I am also aware that this is out of the question during summer. An [itchy] alternative is skipping shampoo for the next one or two bathing sessions. They are formulated to clean, thus will also remove any treatment product easily or whatever is left of it. Stick to your favorite conditioner (it’s easier said than done). Who knows, you might be up for a silkier surprise!

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The use of hot tools is not recommended as this will increase the possible damage inflicted to your hair. The temperature is bad enough but adding more stress to the tresses by utilizing curling irons, flat irons, or blow dryers in high setting during this season will greatly speed up mane mayhem.

Treatment Products
Change it up once in a while. Do I still have to blabber about how hair adapts? You get the point.

Also, don’t just buy random products off the counter. Research is key to get the optimal result. Find out which ones are proven to be effective. Click the “Product Review” or “Hair” link under labels (right hand corner of the page) to see the items I’ve been using lately!

Conditioner Break
This is more of a pet peeve than a tip. But believe it or not, some people still use conditioner during treatment day! No. Nope. Just no.

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Salon Visits
Though a lot of at-home hair treatment products are out there, it is still important to get an expert’s opinion. Visit your stylist and get a salon treatment at least every quarter.

I hope this short article helped! I came up with these tips and tricks after years of getting hair treatment at salons and doing it myself at home. Comment on this post and share your best practices! I'd love to try them out myself!