Product Review: Casa Cellophane (Watsons Series)

6/26/2015 03:05:00 PM

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Do you use hot tools almost every single day? I do. Are you tired of wasting precious time and money on salon treatments that do not always work? I am. My goal this year: to find the most effective yet affordable at-home hair treatment product.

This is part 2 of my Watsons hair treatment product review series. Click here to read about part 1 (product reviewed: Hair Fix Intense Straight) or click the Watsons label located at the right hand side of the page.

This is about as close as I can get to dying. My stylist finds it puzzling that my hair can take so much heat and chemicals from hours of rebonding but can't bear permanent color application even for just a few minutes.

Priced a little over Php200 (if my memory serves me right), it includes a tube of the actual product, a pair of plastic gloves, and a plastic hair cap. I wish there more pairs of gloves - obviously I can't finish this whole tube in one treatment session, and I highly doubt anyone would.

Casa Cellophane claims to deliver temporary hair color and deep conditioning effects for extra shine and softness. It is ammonia and peroxide free which makes it safe for colored hair. Available in two shades, I purchased the lighter one which is ash brown.

The directions say: "After shampoo, towel off excess water. Apply the cream onto hair making sure the hair is fully covered with cream. Wrap the hair in warm moist towel or use a shower cap. Leave on for about 45 minutes. Rinse hair thoroughly with water. Style as desired." Could use a little bit of editing right?

The consistency is like that of our local conditioners, only pigmented. It felt awkward using the plastic gloves so I chose to apply the product with bare hands. Major regret afterwards!!! The stain is very hard to remove, even after using alcohol and washing several times so be warned.

Day of first treatment session. Shampoo was used. Minimal heat styling involved.

The result was impressive. My hair felt silkier and smoother. It did provide extra shine. Heat styling was easier after using this product compared to others. The ends didn't feel dry as well.

Second treatment session after one week. Shampoo was used. Minimal heat styling involved.

My hair felt relatively lighter after the second use. And it looked better too!

Two weeks after 2nd session. Minimal heat styling involved.

The product gave favorable results, but not as good as the second treatment session. It was as if this was the first time I've used it.

  • Easy to use
  • Smells good
  • Can be used several times depending on hair type and length
  • May produce promising results after weeks of continued use
  • Great for relaxed/rebonded hair
  • Can be very messy, best if applied by someone else
  • Hard to remove color stain from hands
  • Color is not as visible compared to cellophane done in a salon
  • Gives better results if used on a weekly basis (otherwise you're back to square one)
  • Price (a hair treatment session with better results at a local salon in my area starts at Php300)

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Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars
Note: Effects may vary depending on hair type, condition, length, and other external factors.

The cons offset the number of pros. Casa does very well in treating my dry hair but it lacks in the color department. I will repurchase only if I can commit a weekly session until the tube is emptied. If you're after the color enhancing traits of a cellophane aside from its treatment capabilities, a salon visit may be more beneficial.

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