Pasig City E-Trike

6/19/2015 01:47:00 PM

Sometime around early May, I was on my way home when I got to ride Pasig City's first ever E-Trike. It was a different kind of experience, being that I was used to smaller tricycles here in my area. And boy did I feel like a princess! Everyone was looking at me! Uhm... Actually they were looking at the vehicle.

This is my view from the inside. If my memory serves me right, it can reach speeds up to 30 or 40 km/hr, which is good as it will prevent drivers from over speeding. Have you seen a trike na humaharurot? More so have you ever ridden one with a driver from hell? I did and it was scary as f*#k.

Just look at that spacious leg room! This is probably the most comfortable trike ride I've ever had. Besides my seat which is big enough for 2 people, there's also another one (can fit 2 more) that folds up. It is partially visible in this picture.

Since it was only on it's third day of operation, the sticker that identifies the "TODA" was not yet available.

I think the tires are too small. There's definitely some kind of mechanical reason as to why they used such a size.

Virgilio Soriso, the very humble and friendly president of MERSANTODA gave me the scoop on this vehicle (besides willingly posing for a picture).
  • The vehicle charges for at least a day and can be used up to 8 hours.
  • Fare is the same.
  • The first batch of E-trikes (less than 10 units) were provided to presidents of selected TODAs. I didn't ask if it was given or if they had to pay for it.
  • Operators who are willing to switch to this unit will be accommodated by the local government from what I was told. Maybe they will be provided with financial assistance or reasonable terms to pay for it? I'm pretty sure the price tag isn't cheap.
I understand that some drivers may not find it appealing because of time restrictions since most of them go beyond 8 hours of operation just to provide for their families. But why not keep it as the primary means of transport then switch to the gas-powered ones afterwards? That's still 8 hours of not emitting harmful gases to the atmosphere. Imagine how the air around us will be different if there were a multitude of these.

I am also aware that demand for electricity will go up if more operators use them, and that could be a whole other issue. However it will surely address some of our current environmental concerns. That argument alone should be enough reason to promote this vehicle. Hopefully, we got to see more of them soon. 

Did you get a chance to experience riding an e-Jeep operating somewhere here in the Metro? Have you ever seen any similar vehicles around here? Comment and share your thoughts!

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  1. hello i really like this blog btw i was planning to go to pasig rave park and do you think we can rent the e-trike?


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