What Type of Facebook User Are You?

6/05/2013 09:50:00 AM

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People who know me personally have an idea why I started blogging - it was meant to keep me in touch with my writing skills as I was not engaged with any extra curricular editorial activities at that time. Seven blog posts after, here comes a newsletter project! My writing hiatus was not long, but I'm glad to have been chosen as project head. Yours Truly, is now the Editor-In-Chief of my department's official online newsletter. Ahem. 

I've been up to my toes to launch the e-zine and as proofread submissions, there was this write-up from one of the members that lists down different types of Facebook users. I haven't seen anything similar, though our circulation manager for the e-zine said she previously received a chain email with the same topic. So I Googled and found out that it is indeed an adaptation. Despite this fact, I still find his contribution entertaining and better than the rest I've seen online (I'm biased towards my own team). I found out he's also a blogger. Click here to see his blog site.

And obviously, you'd be reading the edited version - with my own input. Enough with the blah, here it is! Enjoy!

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Andrew the Average
He logs in once or twice a day and updates his status around five times a week, maybe even more if something interesting happens. This type of user scans their timeline to check updates, likes or leaves comments occasionally, and shares posts that are interesting. Meticulous in accepting and adding other facebook users, he is keen in filtering friends in this social networking website - thus his list will typically consist of people he knows and those that he met once, maybe even twice.

Greg the Gamer
To him, Facebook is not a social networking website – it is a gaming console. He is always online, not to socialize but to check the welfare of his animals, the health of his plants, the number of new gifts he received and lives gained. This user is an “itch” because of the countless game requests and invites he sends. His friends list: real friends, farm neighbors, gaming buddies and competitors.

Frank the Forwarder
Generally likes to share something from someone. His Facebook life depends on the status of others and the availability of shareable posts. Rarely says anything about himself, but is fond of reposting news articles, health tips, photos of cats and dogs, photos of sick people, photos of missing people, photos with religious and spiritual content, memes, funny videos, viral videos, and anything else worth sharing.

Adam the Addict
Social Networking is his life. He is online 24/7. Facebook is his best friend - everything he thinks about, everything he does, and anything he experiences is posted as a status message. He is the “Ultimate User” – frequently updating his profile picture and cover photo, responding to all messages, viewing all notifications, and “liking” or commenting on anything that catches his attention. To him, this website is also a photo album – uploading anything and everything under the sun, from life's milestones to his last dinner. His facebook friends: probably thousands, most of them he doesn’t really even know.

Mike the Model
Confidence is his best trait. May or may not be photogenic. Uploads pictures mostly of himself, with a number of shots taken inside the washroom or in front of a mirror. Common Facebook albums: "Me, myself and I", "Just Bored", "Simply Me", "It's All About Me" and "Wala lang"

Ferdie the Foodie
Breakfast… Lunch… Dinner… Dessert… Snack… Name it, his page has it. Need to find out what menu a particular restaurant has? Check out his page.

Aaron the Artist
This user exhibits artistic inclination, showcasing his love for art and crafts in picture form. His expertise: collage making, filtering, framing, text overlaying, skin tone switching, eyelash extending, blush patching and extensive photo editing. His app collection: different kinds of photo editors.

Edward the Emo
To him, nothing in this world is inspiring. People would normally skip reading updates from this user as he spreads negativity through social media. The subject of which usually revolves around problems, failure, depression, loneliness, sadness and tragedy. He uses cryptic passages, heartbreaking lyrics, and gloomy quotes to express his feelings or to show the hardships he’s going through.

Paolo the Popular
Facebook is merely a glimpse of his popularity. He is well known, even outside the world of social media. To him, this website is an avenue to extend his fame and status. No matter how lame or uninteresting his posts are, it will surely receive generous likes and comments but barely reciprocates this activity.

Ivan the Invisible
Due to his very minimal and under the radar Facebook activities, people think this user is inactive. Visible socializing is not a forte. He rarely updates his status and barely comments on any posts. He just lurks… His wall: empty... His profile: nothing... His past time: checking other user’s information... Creepy!

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