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7/05/2013 03:40:00 PM

I am not a tech-freak, but I do know a couple of things about gadgets and computers. People find this interesting. I guess it is not often that the general majority encounters a gay man who wears makeup, occasionally dresses women's apparel and talks a lot about girly stuff to show interest in anything techy. I was excited after reading this article from the same editor I featured on my last blog entry about Facebook users. Check out his blog site as well, you might find something that interests you.

Without further adieu, here's what he wrote: 

2013 kicked off with a bang, welcoming new gadgets such as the Samsung S4 and the Blackberry Z10. However, this is just the beginning. 2013 poses a promising tech display. Here are the rest of the most anticipated gadgets for this year:

 Image courtesy of http://www.technobuffalo.com/2013/03/04/apple-iwatch-ios-battery-life/

Wearable devices are said to be the next big hit in technology, and Apple is already trying to prove possibilities with its latest venture - the iWatch. It will show time, but with additional iPhone and iPod functions. Since the device is strapped in the wrist, all accessories will be connected via Bluetooth. Also, this gadget will likely have a camera for capturing videos and pictures. There are speculations that biometric functions will be included: a pedometer watch and a heart rate monitor. According to Bloomberg, Apple has a team of 100 designers working on this smart watch. It is said to be released later this year.

Images courtesy of http://comingmore.com/google-glass-photos-collection/

Google Glass
If you think you are an internet addict, wait until you see your Facebook account literally on your face. This is Google's attempt to place all "computing systems" right in front of the user utilizing spectacular frames, thus welcoming a hands free technology. This new gadget will provide the regular functions of a smart phone, placed on a tiny prism suspended in front of the eye. It will allow users to capture photos, record videos, access maps, call and surf the internet via voice command. Google Glass is on a limited release for $1,500. It is expected to be on the market before 2013 ends.

iPhone 5s or iPhone 6
Based on Apple's iPhone track records, everyone is already expecting that we are getting another upgrade sometime this year on the iPhone 5. There is no confirmation if the device will be codenamed 5s or 6. Wondering what enhancements will this version offer? According to Business Insider Analyst Peter Mises, the upcoming iPhone will include a super HD camera and screen, a better battery and NFC. And since the latest iPad has 128GB memory, this size will most likely reflect on the new iPhone as well. This gadget is expected to be released fall of this year.

Samsung S4 Mini
It is official! Samsung will release a mini version of the S4. Just like the S3 Mini, this device will have "tamed" attributes of the S4. The screen is 4.3 inches in size with a Super AMOLED HD display. Under the hood, the S4 mini packs a 1.7 GHz dual core processor, 1.5 GB RAM, an 8GB internal memory with a SD card slot to help you expand the lot. The 8MP camera comes with a LED flash while the 1.9MP front camera is provided to please users for their selfies. Battery is at 1900mAh, decent for average use. This mini will be available in two colors: White Frost and Black Mist with a promise of additional color options within a few months after its release. The Samsung S4 Mini will hit the markets this July with an estimated $485 tag.

Budget iPhone
Not an iPhone-type-person? Do you find the product too expensive? Apple certainly heard your story. Rumor has it that Apple is doing a spin-off of the iPhone. A much cheaper unit should appeal to company’s unattained market. However, reports state that this budget phone will not get a fully fledged launch and will only be released in selected emerging markets with 2.5 million to 3 million units. This is to initially test how the target markets will respond. Reports also claim that this affordable unit will have a 4-inch screen and plastic chassis with 6 different colors to match the latest iPods. Speculations show that it will cost $330.

Images courtesy of http://www.gnomonschool.com/blog/new-technology/paper-tab-the-3d-user-interface-just-got-even-more-3d

Aimed to change the way people work on documents, the Papertab is a flexible and bendable piece of equipment just like a paper. Or simply paper with digital functions like a tab. The owner may have several papertabs and each "paper" will have a unique function. This means that one may be used for email while the other one is used as a sketchpad - helping the user to simultaneously perform tasks without exiting other apps. Functions may be executed through the interaction of several papertabs: tap them together to copy, send or share documents. Bend the corners to playback a video. Price is still unknown as the gadget is still under construction. It is said to be released later this year.

PlayStation 4
Designed to elevate gaming experience, Sony’s PS4 is the much anticipated successor of the PS3.  The controller's buttons will be replaced with touch screen technology and the console will have a share function – enabling gamers to record, edit and upload game footage online. Industry analysts think that the first public exposure of the PS4 will be this month, during the E3 Gaming Expo. If rumors are true, this enhanced console will be released in December.

Apple HDTV or iTV
It seems like apple is starting to put "i" on every appliance we have at home. First on the line is the iTV. It is reported that this second Apple version of the generic home appliance will allow users to sync their iOS or Mac devices via iCloud service. The iTV is also said to follow the footsteps of the iPad and iPod Touch by incorporating iOS and a mobile friendly operating systems that will allow users to utilize a number of applications. Rumor has it that the iTV will come in three sizes: 60, 55, and 50 inches. It is unknown though if the iTV will be WiFi capable or if it will need cables for internet connection. Expected release is late 2013, with a price tag ranging from $1,500 to $2,500 depending on the size.

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