My Horrifying Experience: Globe Postpaid

10/01/2013 01:19:00 PM

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I used to have prepaid service with Globe from 2000 to 2006, and I've been a loyal postpaid customer for almost 8 years now. I have always been happy with their service, until recently.

My nightmare first started March 2013. I received a text message saying that their billing system was going through an upgrade and that my bill will be delayed for at least 3 weeks. I understood the situation and did not feel the need to worry.

I was surprised when my bill came. It was baffling to see data charges when in fact I am subscribed to a Blackberry service. Php2,232.14 may be a small amount, and I would have settled it anyway to avoid the hassle of disputing. But I decided to call and report the issue because Php2k+ would go a long way.

I called them several times, following up if there was any feedback on the bill dispute but nothing happened. I always heard the same reason "no feedback from the team yet sir" or "hanggang ngayon po di pa rin narereview." One agent even told me that I was being charged for browsing because I was only subscribed to BBSocial and not BBMax. All Globe Blackberry users know very well that the BBSocial subscription doesn't allow browsing pages other than social networking websites. An error message is received whenever BBSocial subscribers would attempt to visit sites beyond Facebook and Twitter.

Alas, I was ready to give up so I called to cancel my service. I told the nice lady on the other line that I will settle the amount but I would discontinue using my postpaid account. She offered to credit Php2000 and convinced me to retract my request for disconnection. However, I was not happy with how it ended. No one reviewed my billing dispute. No one even viewed the several reports I made. And it took 3 freakin' months to resolve this problem! Had not I called to cancel, I bet I would have waited ages!

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I worked for a major US Telecommunications company, so I understand how this kind of business operates. Thus, I gave them another chance.

My current lock up period expired early this year. I temporarily downgraded to the lowest one available due to low usage. And in the meantime, I have been reviewing their current subscription plans so that I can find the best one that will suit my needs.

I called a few weeks ago to recontract two "Corporate Individual" lines. Because of low usage, I requested a lower plan on a specific cellphone unit with an extended lockup period instead of a cash out. I have not again received feedback. I called today to ask the status of my request and I was shocked to hear what the CSR had told me! It was noted on their system that someone called me last September 13, that I was offered a specific plan for this particular cellphone unit with cash out, and that I was undecided.

You guessed it! This call NEVER happened. My request was a long shot anyway, and I would have understood and appreciated a callback telling me that it was declined. But instead they opted not to call and even LIE about it. This definitely is the last straw.

Tsk tsk. Dear Globe, what happened to your service? I cannot stop shaking my head in disbelief.

Even  if they gave me all the prizes from their 0917Wonderful promo, I would never forget the horror I went through. I think Globe is too focused on offering better deals to gain new customers that they have forgotten responsibilities to their current subscribers, especially those who have stayed loyal to them for several years.

The only thing left to decide on is what carrier would I switch to. Which I would be researching about and deciding within the next few days. I would probably call Globe this weekend to cancel my service. I am too pissed that they lied and I don't want to lash out on a random CSR, so I will talk to them when I'm no longer fuming mad.

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