Dry Shampoo in the Philippines

10/03/2013 12:54:00 PM

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Experts recommend washing the hair every other day to prevent it from drying out, but we Filipinos cannot do so primarily because of our unpredictable weather. The tropical climate of the country dictates our bathing regimen. Can you imagine yourself not washing your hair during the hot summer days?

Yes, dry shampoos are still not common here in our country. That's the reason why I'm dedicating this post to educate the majority of Filipinos who are still not familiar with this product, and to answer common questions they may have about this item.

What is a Dry Shampoo?
It is a popular alternative to regular shampoo that doesn't require the use of water. It absorbs the oil that makes hair look greasy after a day of not washing.

What are the kinds of Dry Shampoos?
So far I've only seen the aerosol-type in stores. It comes in a spray can that looks just like a typical hairspray. I have yet to see the powder-type dry shampoo.

When is it best to use a dry shampoo here in the Philippines?
Topping the chart would be when it's pouring outside. Think about going through the whole nine yards of your hair routine - from bathing, to drying, to styling, but then eventually ruining your tresses because it's raining cats and dogs. All that time and effort wasted. If there is a tropical depression, or a storm that may look like it's parked in the PH's territory, this product might come in handy.

Also consider picking this item up during the cooler months of the year, when your sweat glands take a break. The days are not that hot and humid and the nights are cooler than usual.

How is it used?
Instructions may vary. Always read the back label of the product before using it, especially when it's your first time.

For aerosol-type dry shampoos:
1. Lift sections of dry hair and spray lightly at roots using short bursts, holding 8 to 12 inches away from the head and leaving in for 1 to 2 minutes.
2. Use fingertips to massage through roots and to distribute product evenly. Brush out, then style as usual.
3. Use throughout the day to absorb oil and refresh hair as needed.

Are you sporting cornrows or dreadlocks? Ditch your old hair regimen and start using a dry shampoo in between washes! Woke up late and in a hurry to get to school, to work, or to an appointment? Using a dry shampoo after a quick shower might help you save time. Working in the graveyard shift? Take advantage of this product if you do not sweat a lot - you can use the saved time for other important stuff.

Here's a video about aerosol-based dry shampoos:

Here's a video about powder-based dry shampoos:

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