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12/10/2013 10:05:00 AM

After seeing my optometrist early this year, I found out that my astigmatism increased while my grade dropped. I've been wanting to get nerdy frames as they have been a hit recently, and it was exciting to know that I finally have a reason to purchase one. I only trust Executive Optical when it comes to my eye care needs, and I've always bought my prescription glasses from them. However this time I passed up on the opportunity. I was not impressed with the items that were displayed on the racks.

A good friend of mine introduced me to Firmoo. It is a US-based online retailer for prescription glasses that ships to several countries including the Philippines. Click here to find out if they deliver to your country. 

Does the logo look familiar? You've probably seen their ads in YouTube, Facebook, and other websites.

Now why order online when you can get yours locally? Because first time customers can get their first pair FREE! Yes you read it right. FREE! Just use the coupon code FIRMOOFREE upon checkout. Obviously, you still have to pay for the lenses, other specifications, and shipping.

Click the specialty eyewear tab>free glasses to view which frames are available for their "first pair free" promo. Click discount glasses to see others that are currently sold with a discounted tag.

Click the glasses you like. The right side shows different colors and views for your desired product. Scroll down further to see actual pictures. The left side shows different pictures of people with different face shapes, helping the customer to somehow determine if the product suits them. You can also upload your own picture if you want.

Like something that's not in the "free glasses" list? Fret not, Firmoo offers free shipping within the US and other countries for purhases above $39 and $55 respectively. Just use the codes FREESHIP (US) or FREEXSHIP (other countries) upon checkout.

The website will ask how the glasses will be used and will require entry of your prescription - all information can be obtained from your local optometrist.

Next, select lens thickness. The recommended thickness is usually given at a discounted price. Percentage resets when the timer ends.

Last on the list are add-ons. Discount percentage on anti-reflect and anti-radiation resets when the timer ends.

It was hard to pass up this opportunity so I purchased two.

My package arrived in less than two weeks. There was a little bit of delay because of weather conditions at the time of my purchase.

The hard cases are really durable. Plus it came with a soft pouch too! They also included a mini screw driver and a couple of extra screws just in case your frames need a little bit of fixing.

The cleaning cloth that came with the glasses are far better that the ones here in the Philippines.

I got my nerdy frames for $26 while mom got her reading glasses for $8. Quality-wise I would say that the glasses are alright. They're not too sturdy but not very flimsy. I guess quality really depends on the frames you're purchasing.

There are different brands/manufacturers that sell their merch on Firmoo's website - so read the comments/reviews first to know if your desired product is worth buying.

I bill is usually around Php3000 ($67) for a single pair of prescription glasses (with lens) from EO. Paying only Php2587.50 ($57.50) for two pairs is a great deal.

Interested? I should warn you though, that if you're in the Philippines, DO NOT have your item delivered to your residence. Luckily, my friend's items were delivered right at her doorstep, but it was unfortunate that I had to pick up mine at the Philpost office in Pasay. Yes, CUSTOMS = TAXES. Click here to read my blog post on that topic. If I knew about Johnny Air shipping services at the time of my purchase, I would have opted to get my prescription glasses delivered through them. Blog post on Johnny Air coming soon.

What are you waiting for? Click here to see their website and order yours now!

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