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8/24/2015 05:24:00 AM

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The demand for Power Banks increased since the dawn of smart gadgets. Almost everyone who owns a smart phone, a phablet, or a tablet, would not leave home without a power bank. Have you been looking for one but do not know what to get? Don't make your decision based on color or design! Here's a list of things you should know:

First thing to do is finding your smart gadget's battery capacity. It's usually written on the battery itself. If not, look for the info on the manual. This information will help you identify how many times it can be fully charged by a power bankThe lowest capacity on a power bank is 2600mAh, and may double as it increases (depending on the brand). My BlackBerry Q10 has a 2100mAh battery capacity, therefor a 2600mAh power bank may fully charge it once.

Power banks have about 70% to 80% efficiency and the rest of the energy is lost to heat. This means that a 2600mAh may not fully charge my BlackBerry Q10, the same way a 3600mAh may not completely fill your S4's 3600mAh battery. Factor in the running apps in the background (especially those that use internet) and this will further decrease the possibility of a full charge.

Juicing it up
Charging time of a 2600mAh power bank is roughly the same as a 2100mAh smartphone battery, if not a few minutes more. That means the higher power bank capacity, the longer it takes to fully charge.

Sizing it up
Commonly rectangular, these thingamajigs may be cylindrical, sometimes even oddly shaped. And although not true for some, but the higher a power bank's capacity, the bigger it may get. The bigger it is, the heavier it will be. Do consider how you'd be carrying it around.

Assess the need
Do you drain your battery more than 3 times a day? If yes, pick up a a high capacity power bank. Always on the go but have access to an electrical socket? You may not need a high-powered one after all.

Avoid overcharging. Keep in room temperature. Do not submerge in water. Do not puncture. Do not subject to extreme force or weight. So on and so forth. You get the point.

Maximize your power
Remember that this piece of equipment is like a portable battery. It is not a power outlet. So to get the most out of your charging time, consider turning off your data service, Wi-Fi, bluetooth, and close all running apps/games. Maybe even move to a cooler room.

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