Product Review: Bearcat Foldable Rain Boots

8/09/2015 11:14:00 PM

Image courtesy of Cash Cash Pinoy

Now that summer is over and the rainy season is upon us, it could be quite a hassle travelling especially for commuters. I often find myself putting shoes in a bag, folding my pants up, and wearing flip-flops during pouring days. Don't you find it aggravating having to do this during weekdays when wearing business clothing? I most certainly do.

I saw this product while I was hunting online for a transparent umbrella. It didn't take me long to realize that I need to get one for myself. On the website, CCP wrote the ff about this item:
  • Have a stylish “umbrella” for your shoes with the Bearcat Foldable Boots
  • Completely waterproof, has durable non-slip soles
  • Comes with carry pouch
  • Has expandable PVC material that stretches so you can wear them over your shoes
  • Lightweight and foldable, tote them with you wherever you go

Image courtesy of Cash Cash Pinoy

Priced at Php599 (excluding shipping), you get to choose from three available sizes: S (23 cm), M (25 cm), and L (27cm). And it comes in four different colors: black, yellow, pink, and blue.

It came in a white box, which I thought was quite small for rain boots. The contents of the package are pictured above.

The drying towel is well made. The material seems absorbent enough and looked like it can hold a decent amount of water from wiping the rain boots after use. Think about the cloth that comes with prescription eyeglasses with the properties of a shammy.

The draw-string carry pouch is made from a translucent rubber material that is slightly stretchable. It's too small, and getting both rain boots to fit inside is impossible. I wasn't really good in packing to begin with.

Image courtesy of Cash Cash Pinoy

It's definitely not the same as the one pictured above. That's the carry pouch displayed CCP's website. I was expecting to get something similar.

The small footprints that matches the sole of the boots looked cute though.

There is a noticeable difference on how the actual product looks like, compared to how it is pictured on the website, specifically the soles. Could this be another case of CCP selling knock-offs?

  • Not lightweight as described but not too heavy
  • Does keeps pants and shoes dry
  • PVC Material stretches to fit any kind of footwear (given that the product fits) and looks durable
  • Feet may feel uncomfortable and warm after wearing the product for a while
  • Size options are too generic
  • Soles are not thick enough and may not last as long as the body
  • Priced a few tens of pesos higher than other local coupon/deal websites

Overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Though I may have a mediocre rating, I actually think that this item is worth buying. I believe that I got my money's worth for what it's meant to do - it did protect my footwear from getting wet. Definitely better than it's nylon competitors. If you plan on getting one, purchase a bigger size that what you'd normally wear, and check out other coupon/deals websites that sell this item aside from CCP.

While some people like playing it up with rain boots, others prefer the old fashioned way - rubber shoes. I would do the same, only that it would look quite odd wearing one with business trousers don't you think? 

Image courtesy of Zalora PH

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