Food Review: Big Guys Pizza

9/23/2013 03:48:00 AM

It was a Friday. The mood at work was light. Everyone was getting ready for the weekend. My colleagues wanted to eat pizza, so we ordered one box. I didn't think a box of pizza would fill up a team of more than 10 people. I was wrong.

Luigi, our newest teammate, took this picture. Look at how big that box is. YES, you read it right. The pie is 36 inches.

I said to myself "it's just the box." I was wrong. Again. Just imagine if the pie was sliced in the traditional way - I bet a lot of people will have a hard time finishing one slice.

Taste: 3 out of 5 stars
Honestly, it was a little bit mediocre. I didn't expect it to be "delicious" but I somehow hoped that it would have a competitive taste. It came in 4 flavors but they tasted almost the same. There were a lot of toppings, however I cannot distinguish what I was eating except for the pineapple. And the crust? Too thin for my liking.

Value:  4 out of 5 stars
For Php1498 + Php100 delivery charge, it can satisfy 10-15 heads. If you plan on having a small gathering and just ordering food to save time on cooking and preparation, this is a definite go-to.

Their cash only payment method definitely decreases their range of possible corporate consumers due to the fact that most companies prefer using corporate cards for purchases. But they are  relatively new in the market, so I'm pretty sure the company will eventually have other payment methods available soon.

Delivery hour is until 1am I believe, unlike other famous pizza parlors - which is great for late night parties, midnight snacks, and graveyard shifters.
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