Warning! Hazardous Lipsticks

9/10/2013 09:07:00 AM

Image courtesy of http://www.fda.gov.ph/advisories/cosmetic/103530-fda-advisory

Last night, this particular news program featured a health warning issued by the Philippines' Food and Drug Administration on hazardous lipsticks.

The public is being warned about these products that may contain high levels of heavy metals, especially lead. According to the news, there are imitations of original items being sold in the sidewalks by ambulant vendors/outlets in the country. These China-made fake lipsticks have no market authorization from the FDA. 

They are as follows in order according to the picture above:
  1. Baolishi No. 8 
  2. Baolishi No. 20 (green)
  3. Baolishi No. 20 (yellow)
  4. Baolishi No. 25
  5. Baolishi No. 37
  6. Miss Beauty No. 6
  7. Miss Beauty Vitamin C No. 11
  8. Shijing No. 39
  9. Ling Mei No. 12
  10. Heng Fang No. 8
  11. Popa Italy 3 in 1
  12. L’Oreal No. 209 
  13. Luoys Paris No. 05
As a makeup enthusiast, I am deeply concerned for my fellow makeup lovers. Let's face it, not everyone can afford products sold in the mall and may resort to cheaper counterfeits. Please help spread the news.

To view the FDA's article on this topic, click here. You can check the latest news from the FDA by visiting their website - click here.

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