Product Review: GirlStuff Nail Polish in Machiatto

9/16/2013 05:12:00 AM

A few weeks back mom and I purchased 4 different colors of nail polish from a small kiosk in SM Megamall we accidentally stumbled upon. The wide variety of colors were to die for.

Today I used the color Machiatto. It is probably their version of what other brands would call "Touch of Tan." If you just look at the product in the bottle, it actually seems like a darker shade of the said tone, however after application it kind of has a slight hint of pink. Or maybe I'm just color blind.

Initially I liked the bottle's shape because it stacks well together and that saves a lot of space. However I just realized that warming up the polish inside by rubbing the bottle between your palms is virtually impossible. The product is not very hard to work with, and dries off quickly which I think is great. It also doesn't leave that awful scent of chemicals unlike other nail polishes do.

Besides basic colors, girlstuff nail polishes are also available in metallic, glittery, and washable versions. What's great about the brand is that it's perfect for little girls because it's free from 3 chemicals commonly found in other nail products. Check here to view color swatches and other details of the product.

I didn't use my matte top coat since it was my first time to try this shade but I bet it would also look gorgeous in matte. Click here to view details of a cheap matte top coat that is under Php50.

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